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Chin Implant Columbus, Ohio

Chin Surgery Columbus Ohio

Chin Augmentation Surgery To Enhance Your Jawline

A chin that feels too small, set back too far or obscured by a layer of fat is a source of self-dissatisfaction for many patients. Through cosmetic chin surgery, you can achieve a harmonious and more balanced facial profile. This procedure enhances the contours of the chin, adding definition and a natural symmetry to the face.

If you have been insecure about a weak chin or undefined jawline, a facial implant may be the solution to help you keep your chin up!


An Expert Chin Implant Surgeon Can Help Restore Your Confidence

Dr. Michelle Sieffert is a renowned, board-plastic surgeon who specializes in chin surgery in Columbus, Ohio. As your expert, she can help bring greater strength to the area, reduce the appearance of a double chin, improve proportions and reverse the effects of jowling that occur with age. She understands that the face is often the most integral part of a person’s confidence.

Dr. Sieffert has perfected her surgical techniques to give you the beautiful result you have always desired. She believes in treating your delicate tissue responsibly during surgery, which results in a safer procedure, a faster recovery and a more comfortable overall experience.

Chin Implant Surgeon, Dr. Michelle Sieffert

Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Augmentation

Chin surgery is a perfect solution if you would like a more balanced facial silhouette. If you want to reduce the appearance of a double chin, build volume in a weak chin, and/or create overall facial harmony, then a chin implant can permanently solve those concerns. You’re a good candidate if you are in good health and have finished facial bone development.

Establishing Realistic Expectations Is Crucial

It is important to remember that achieving 100% symmetry in the human face is not possible. Your surgeon will describe the outcome that you can expect to see after the surgery, and maintaining realistic expectations for your results is essential.

Chin augmentation involves placing a small facial implant beneath your muscle to add more volume to the chin. This requires only one small incision placed under the chin, and then the implant is sutured under the skin. These implants are safe for the body and are specially formed to fit your individual anatomy.

Additional Details About The Procedure

Chin augmentations are performed in a surgery center, and you will be placed under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will insert the implant under the skin and muscle of the chin and suture it. The implant is fully secured, so it will not move. It is also customized to fit your bone structure to create a natural look.

The Sliding Genioplasty is an alternative surgical method that uses the patient’s own jawbone to make the correction so that an implant is not needed. This approach is not as common as the use of an implant. You and your surgeon will work together to develop the right surgical route for you. We currently do not offer this method of chin augmentation surgery.

The total cost for chin augmentation is between $7,000-$8,000 which includes everything, including post-op products. This cost for chin augmentation reflects the expertise behind developing your unique surgical plan, the time spent in the operating room and the creation of your custom implant.
After your initial consultation, your surgical team will provide you with an exact quote and review financing options.

Chin augmentation is a safe, quick and straightforward surgery with minimal post-operation pain and recovery time. A seemingly small change, like a chin implant, can make a sizable difference in the face by balancing proportions and even making your face appear slimmer. Chin implants have an 86% Worth-It rating according to

For those who were on the fence about the results of their surgery, it was primarily due to scarring or incorrect implant sizing/placement. However, these concerns are easily avoidable with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has ample experience with facial implants.

Chin surgery, or chin augmentation, has a relatively quick recovery period compared to other facial surgeries. You will likely only require pain medications for a few days after surgery, but the pain is minimal. You will see the most bruising and swelling on days 3-4. This will go away completely on its own after a few weeks.

During the first few weeks, you will have activity restrictions that will periodically be lifted throughout recovery. You will also wear a head garment continuously for the first 7 days after your surgery and then just at night for 1 week after that.

This procedure is oftentimes combined with chin liposuction, or submental liposuction, for an incredible result. The liposuction removes fat in the double-chin area, while the implant adds additional structure. The two together will give you the appearance of a thinner, more contoured face while creating a more defined jawline.

Chin implant patient

Chin Filler Vs. Implant

The main difference between chin filler and chin surgery is the longevity of results. Chin filler will last between 8-12 months depending on the product and your natural metabolism rate. On the other hand, chin surgery uses an implant to achieve a permanently defined structure. Chin filler is a great starting point for patients to try out how much volume they would like in the area and to witness the impact that an augmented chin can have on overall facial harmony.

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A chin implant uniquely allows you to enhance your facial profile and achieve the balance you have always longed for. We invite you to discuss your individual aesthetic goals, to learn more about Dr. Sieffert’s unparalleled expertise and to schedule your consultation with us.

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